October 11, 2012

today was a pumpkin day.

today was a pumpkin day. i prepared some pumpkin puree to freeze (9 CUPS, BRO.) i made two loaves of pumpkin bread. i roasted pumpkin seeds. it was delicious and slimy and fun.

oh. and i also watched THE SNOW FALL FROM THE HEAVENS. (oh glorious day)

every job is funner when you're listening to christmas music, too. and that's what i did. i'm starting to get really excited for the holidays!

i love you readers. thanks for sticking with me during my blogging rut. i promise i'll be back with a real post soon. 



  1. SNOW?!?!?! okay, I officially want to move to Canada. Here in AZ we're still roasting in 70* days, and I'm getting impatient for snow. How much did you get? :) And your pictures are lovely, Abbie, dear. Plus that pumpkin/slimy/mess/cleaning/baking sounds like fun. ;)


  2. Oh how fun you've got snow up there! :D Everything seems magical when it's snowing outside, and your baking a yummy treat in the kitchen. ;)

  3. I AM MOVING TO CANADA!!! I miss snow so much! And we probably won't get any till the end of October/beginning of November. It sounds like you had a totally awesome day- pumpkin and snow and Christmas music!


  4. whoa, that's like a perfect winter day right there. pumpkins AND snow?? i'm so jelly. xx

  5. SNOW. oh my word. i'm coming to visit. and by coming to visit, i mean wishing i was coming to visit because i can't afford a plane ticket. xo

  6. wow. SNOW!! cute photos dear :)
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Blog: Oh it's Juno

  7. We had snow here a few days ago, but it's all melted now. And I can't say I'm not happy about that. ;)
    Pumkin bread. Loveliness.

    And I tagged you on my blog :)



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