November 5, 2012

second cousins, once removed

it was the first day of my trip and i found myself staying at my cousins' house. well, not exactly "cousins". their mother is my mom's cousin, so they are my second cousins. and even though i've always called their mom "aunt patricia", she's really my first cousin once removed. (just to clarify, "once removed" means that we're separated by one generation.) anyways, moving on...

upon coming there, i had a vision of doing a big photoshoot with the kids... getting them all fancied up and going out to their awesome backyard. (they have a hobby farm - with chickens, pigs, fruit trees, and bees.) but it was raining when we woke up... and not just a drizzle. like, you know those steady rains that just go on for hours? yeah, that kind of rain. so that plan flew out the window.

that morning was one of my favorites in a long time. i hit it off with my cousin nathan, who still had the same laugh after 2+ years of not seeing eachother. (when he was a toddler we used to play together and he called me "albie". it's a little bittersweet to see how much he's changed, now at 11.) katie (the little girl in most of these pictures) learned my name and all morning i had a little shadow - "abbie! abbie! abbie! come play(read/color) with me!" i drew an apple treehouse with my cousin samantha. the boys (nathan, william, and andrew) played lego. we read stories. i quietly snapped pictures. we ate oatmeal for breakfast and cereal for lunch. nathan and william, who are such troopers, went out to do the farm chores in the rain.

after lunch we took a little walk around the backyard... *coughcough* farm. it was so much fun, and hey! we even got a family picture in, which you'll see at the end of this post. (minus their dad, who was at work.)

this is katie. if adorableness could kill, we'd all be dead by now, i'm sure.
william, coming in after doing the chores.
^^favorite picture EVER^^
katie + samantha
they are hardcore lego builders.
they built a fort.
william... in a tree.
(left to right: andrew, nathan, william, katie, aunt patricia, samantha.)

thankyou so much for having me visit! i hope i get to see you guys again. <3 p="p">



  1. these are so cute, Abbie! :) love those smiles. ;) xx

  2. the new design. I LOVE IT. and these are all totes adorbs. xo

  3. if adorableness could kill, we'd all be dead by now, i'm sure. best line ever. and I do think I am dead now.

  4. they are all so cute, but especially little katie! and i love your new design, abbie! xoxo


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