December 16, 2012

bits and pieces

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1. we built a snowman together. he's taller than me (and i'm about 5'4".)
2. vol. 6 of kinfolk came in! it's pure loveliness.
3. picture on the wall at my grandma's house.
4. holiday decorating.
5. my aunt is marriedddddd! :)
6. another sneak peek from their day.

Can you believe that there are only eight days till Christmas? In a way, I feel like it kind of crept up on me this year. We've been so busy the last two months, with the wedding and catching colds and having guests and whatnot. I'm really excited for Christmas holidays. My brother will be home (he goes to a public highschool and the rest of us homeschool) and some of my family (grandparents, etc.) are coming to visit. My plans? Lots of reading. Lots of family time. Lots of playing piano. Lots of tea.

Also, on Friday night I went to see The Hobbit with my older brother and this lovely girl. The two of us went in costume and anyways.... IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Most of this weekend has been spent flipping out over how amazing it was. If you've seen it we should talk. Most definitely. I HAVE PARASITES. And Bilbo was just amazing. And pretty much all the characters. Okay, I should maybe stop.

Enjoy the wait till Christmas, friends. Make gifts and Christmas cookies and out-listen to the Christmas music.

listen. || this was me during the whole movie. || listen. || look. ||


  1. i'm just waiting for that day when I order a kinfolk.. which I hope to be soon :) sounds like great christmas fun- break is always the best! xo

  2. Gosh, I want to go to The Hobbit so badly. Must, Wait. Until. Tuesday. *choke*

    Anyway. You're a winner over at my blog!

  3. That second to last photo - perfect!
    And The Hobbit was incredible. Martin Freeman. That is all.

  4. I went to the midnight premier with a bunch of friends and OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Martin Freeman is the best and Gollum was just.... AAAHHHH I died. And the opening scenes PERFECTION

    Okay, I'll stop now but seriously

  5. okay. that photo of kinfolk needs to win a prize! seriously girl!

  6. You have parasites... in your... tubes?

    Teehee. The Hobbit was so amazing, wasn't it?

    P.S. These are Rhosgobel rabbits.

  7. I just want to say, the picture of your aunt and her husband is simply beautiful!! xx


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