December 31, 2012

my wild, beautiful 2012

December 31st, 2012.
I woke up this morning, and one of the first things I did was sit down and finish writing my 2012 story.
I've been working on it for two weeks and I finally finished this morning, at 22 pages and 13,701 words. It's been so amazing looking back on how blessed my year has been and how much I've learned.

Some small excerpts from my 2012 story...

"At the end of April, I learned how to play Twenty-Four by Switchfoot on guitar. That was the first song I ever played on guitar, followed by many others. By now I consider myself a pretty good guitarist. But idk. I’m not, like, amazing or anything, but I’m okay. I really enjoy playing guitar. And the thing is, learning guitar unlocked learning to play piano very well. After that I quickly learned how to play tons more chords and keys. By now I’ve pretty much covered all the sharps and majors on piano. One of my favorite piano accomplishments is learning how to play “Breaking of The Fellowship” and “May it Be” from the FOTR soundtrack. Those songs have really stayed with me this year… they remind me of early summer.
Becoming a better musician has even more showed me how music flows through my veins and it’s in my blood. (Which is another cliché but whatevs.) Music seems to be the thing that connects me to my world and my senses and, sometimes, one of the things that connects me to God."

"Friday night, June 22nd… was one of the happiest nights I have ever experienced. There was a campfire down in the church in the birch, and there were a bunch of Northland people there, and we were having smores and singing camp songs… and, like, under the stars I just felt so alive. There were TONS of mosquitoes out (like, hoards), and I was wearing shorts but like I didn’t care. It was such a great night."

"The next week was a blur and before I knew it I was back at camp for Junior Girls. I was so pumped for that week and I felt completely ready. Especially when I got there and greeted old friends and found out I was counseling with Liz and when Kylie told me “Go put your staff t-shirt on!” As soon as I was wearing I felt like part of the group, part of NBC – and that was something that I loved. And something I would come to love a lot more in the coming weeks."

"At the end of it all we hugged eachother and prayed together, and it just incredible, one of the most real moments I’ve ever felt. Four teenaged girls on the brink of their lives, praying and trusting in God’s plan.
That week was one of the best I’ve had as a camper at Northland Bible Camp. I just made so many more memories and friends and… gah. My heart is just so full, revisiting these memories."

"I thought I wanted to be a photographer and own a business and go all profesh with picture-taking. But lately I’ve been wondering if maybe even though I love photography, the business aspect of it is not for me. I would like to continue in portrait taking and things for friends but I don’t know if I want to take it to a professional level. Right now, my heart is music. I would love to record my own music and sell it (well not for the sake of selling it but for the sake of sharing it). I’m not sure if it ever could be but it would be a dream come true to be a singer/songwriter."

"October was a crazy, new, intense month. I went on two road trips – one to Rouyn in Quebec with Auntie Johanna + all the bridal party + Mummo to look for a wedding dress. It was such a fun day and it rekindled my desire to know French again. I loved being on the road. I picked out the perfect outfit and put my hair up, and got new music on my iPod and made a playlist."

"My bus trip home was wonderful. I loved it so much. There was a creepy guy on the bus and I was nervous about losing my backpack and I almost got held up in North Bay because we didn’t realize I needed a guardian to pick me up there, but it was so cool. I got 10 hours just to think, listen to music, and reflect on my little life and my week. And I had wi-fi. Which meant Instagram, Facebook, and… Blimey Cow."

"The best thing about this Christmas was what God was teaching me through it. I was sad because this year, it didn’t ‘feel’ like Christmas. But I realized that life is not ruled by feelings, and even if Christmas were just another day of the year, it would still be the same thing, always and forever – the redemption of all broken lives by Jesus. He came here to heal and bind our hearts, to restore us, to give us peace and joy."

"And after 364 days, summed up in 21 pages of writing, you’ll find me here, in the dining room, wearing my pajamas, listening to Red Eyes, and drinking Chocolate Chili Chai. It’s 10:23 in the morning on December 31st. I’m quite tired on account of getting 5+1/2 hours of sleep last night. My wrists are getting sore from half an hour of typing.
“We are once in a lifetime…” (switchfoot)
Looking back I can see that 2012 was probably one of the best years of my life so far. I got to do new things, I met amazing people, had wonderful experiences, watched my family grow, got closer to God (although I still need to be closer and always will), met my best friend, and discovered two of my passions. It wasn’t without pain... yes, there were tears and nights spent crying and struggles and desperate prayers. But it was beautiful. I can honestly look back and say, "Yes, Lord. You do all things well." (Tenth Avenue North) 
 And the best part is, I believe that 2013 will be even better. "

My world for 2013 is "redemption". God has been showing me that my broken life and all my messed-up moments can be redeemed, bought back, saved by Him. I can trade in my sadness and redeem His gift for me, which is eternal joy and freedom. He has already redeemed me and there is hope, despite all my failures.
For these new days of 2013, I want to live the life of a person whose life has been redeemed by Jesus. I want to remember the hope that I have, that even when my morning starts out bad the day can still be saved.
I want to remember redemption. His redemption.

Happy New Year, dear friends and readers. Your support and faithful reading & commenting means SO much to me. I'm hoping for big things for this little blog of mine next year. It's going to be wonderful.

Lots of love,

Abbie Grace



  1. you play guitar! woo! i haven't been here in agesss! oh abbie i love your photos! they're gorgeous. it was a good year, and now here we all are, 2013...wonder what's next! God knows. <3

  2. Lovely photos! It seems that you had a splendid year!

    Libbi H.

  3. Your year was so beautiful.

  4. alright, real quick -- that coral, peasant top looks amazing on you.

    kay, going back to read now. he he. ♥

  5. *grin* beautiful words, abbie. i feel so blessed to have met you this year, and i hope our friendship lasts many more to come. have a great 2013, lovely. x

  6. Happy New Year, Abbie! :) Lovely photos, and beautiful words. Each year is an adventure... perhaps that is why I'm so fond of the "new year". :)

    I wish you a wonderful year, girl, with much laughter and happy tears, many mistakes to learn from, people to meet, and the joy of simply being alive. :)


  7. oh. I loved the Blimey Cow mention in here. awesomesauce. my year has been pretty wild and beautiful too.
    so, here's to 2013!


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