December 4, 2012

the reason

i've found it.

i've found the reason.

the reason why we love stories.

the reason why i love stories.

the reason why when i'm journeying through a book or a movie, i laugh and cry and sit on the edge of my seat and i get so engaged by the characters and the story and the music and the whole world that i feel like i'm a part of it.

i've found the reason.

we are all humans with our own stories. these are people who have stories just like us and have found victory, love, courage, joy, something better. we long for them to achieve those things, perhaps because we want (or need) to achieve those things in our own lives. we all want love. we all want bravery. we all want happiness. and i know that we can achieve those things too.

life is a chase. it's a wild ride. it's a fight. it's a dance. it's stopping, with wonder in our eyes, to thank God for this beautiful gift He's bestowed on us. there are hard days, but oh yes, there are so many good ones. so. many.

i've been a little beaten up the past few days and i'm so tired of being sick. i'm tired of waking up tired. i'm tired of tears and i'm tired of losing. but this christmas i don't want to just watch the miracle. i want to take part in the miracle, i want to be inside the miracle. i want to drink it all in through an awesome swirly straw with glitter in it. i'm on a chase to find thankfulness and more joy. will i ever get there? i hope so.

to all you readers - thanks for taking part in my story.


  1. your welcome, and this hit the spot. <3

  2. this is perfect. gah, this is just perfect!!
    it really is.

  3. This is it, Abbie. You just spoke my heart; gah, this is beautiful! I've been praying for you dear. I hope you begin to have better days and feel better very very soon!! Love you. <3

  4. so many lovely real thoughts. I'm glad I got to read this.


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