January 31, 2013

january 31st, 2013.

The first month of 2013 comes to an end and once again I've left wondering where the time has gone.

As I looked back on January I found myself a little disappointed at first. I thought that this month was unremarkable and tiring and that I hadn't accomplished much. And I guess that's partially true. But there are definitely a few reasons why it was a good month, and a good start to the year.

I started a new morning routine. Tea and 750 words. I saw The Hobbit again with my dad. I listened to a bunch of new music (which is not something that I do often. It felt good.) I made a new friend. I started watching Sherlock. (and for the record it's pretty awesome. But then again, I haven't gotten to episode 6 yet. Haha.) I got to take pictures of a beautiful sunset. We celebrated my brother's 2nd birthday and I started working on my novel again. January 2013 was mostly cold and sleepy and quiet, but I'm learning to be okay with that.

You could say that I'm tired. (I am.) You could say that I'm missing summer. (I am.) You could say that I'm missing my friends who live far away and wishing for brighter days. And that's because I am. I'll admit, Canadian winters are long and sometimes dreary and sometimes lonely. But I'm trying to find comfort in the small things, comfort in the hope of summer coming, comfort in the memories that I've stored up.

Thanks so much for following along this little space of mine. You guys mean so much to me.
Here's to February! :)

abbie // xoxox


  1. Love this & you <3 Cheers to an awesome February!

  2. i can't believe January is over already. :) this is a lovely post, Abbie, dear! i know what you mean about missing summer, and being lonely. winter is a lonely season; perhaps the most melancholy month is January. :) but hang in there, darling! Spring will come! it always does. :)


  3. :) to february! love,love this last shot-- gorgeous! xoxo

  4. You're siblings are adorable. The Hobbit just gets better and better each time you watch it, doesn't it? And finally, that last Sherlock episode will kill you while remaining the best episode to grace television ever. :)

    Hannah :)

  5. Ahhhh!!!! I miss summer too!!!
    February is going to be awesome because SOMEONE is turning fifteen!! ;)
    And: YOU. WATCH. SIX. NOW. (sorry. had to. :P)

  6. Love these pictures and that cake is so cool!! Adorable!


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