January 2, 2013

my heart for 2013 // inspiration boards


january 1st, 2013. for me it consisted of watching the sun rise, drinking 3 cups of tea, baking banana bread & cooking supper, playing piano, listening to music, and dreaming + planning + making lists and mood boards for the new year. i am already feeling so inspired + encouraged + hopeful for the new things coming in 2013. so i'm sharing with you one of the many lists that i wrote today. this year is going to be really, really good.

my heart for 2013.

-every day and every moment can be redeemed.
-we are called to adventure and explore (the adventure begins now)
-"what are you waiting for? .... become who you are. it happens once in a lifetime." (switchfoot)
-remember to show grace to others.
-remember God's grace.
-cultivate loving relationships.
-"i slept and dreamt that life was joy. i awoke and found that life was
service. i acted and behold, service was joy." (rabindranath tagore)
-create, inspire, and show love.

abbie / xoxox


  1. Very inspiring, Abbie :) Love your board btw!

  2. happy new year darlin'! i love your inspiration board. xx


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