February 25, 2013

blow out your candles.

Maybe it sounds selfish, but I think my birthday may be my favorite holiday. I love getting sweet messages from my amazing friends and family. I love the suspense before the party. I love choosing a special outfit for the day. I love eating my favorite food and getting special gifts. I love having my shining moment. I love feeling blessed and feeling special. I love taking time to look back on my year and to make goals for the upcoming year.

I love the feelings of excitement and nostalgia that come my way. I love looking back on my favorite memories. There is a bit of pain in looking back, and seeing how much I've grown. But it's good. Now I know why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up. But also know why Wendy needed to grow up.

So here you are - songs about growing up, getting older, feeling nostalgic, missing childhood, and celebrating life, in honor of my 15th birthday.

xox. :)


  1. aw, Happy Birthday, Abbie! no, it doesn't sound selfish at all. :) a birthday is a wonderful, important land-mark in our lives; something that marks the continuation (or beginning) of who we are. :)

    here's to a fabulously blessed, happy, amazing year, dear! <3


  2. Happy Birthday, Abbie! I agree, birthdays are the best. Although my family doesn't make a big deal about them, Mom was never a party person ;) but there is always something special. And 15! I just turned 15! My birthday is the day after Valentine's Day so this year was extra special because it was my golden birthday. But, I've been feeling nostalgic too, I've been facing a lot of change and having to deal with growing up; it's rather bittersweet. and that playlist is so perfect. I have been listening to it most of the morning. :)

    happy birthday! I hope your year is the best year yet!
    in reckless abandon

  3. Happy Birthday, Abbie! Have a terrific one!


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