February 5, 2013


I've been writing a lot about bravery lately.

On February 1st, 2013, I got my hair cut for the first time in 2 years. It was accompanied by a good friend, and all the tummy-butterflies I normally get before haircuts. I had them cut off about three inches and thin out my layers a bit so my hair won't be its usual thick and tangled mess. The biggest change, though, was this - I got some side bangs. Bangs are something I had been pondering for a while now and so I decided to go for it. I like the change (although it's been a little hard adjust to the hair around my eyes all the time.)

And that was also the day I google+ chatted with Katie, Oriana, and Jess for the first time. We talked about tea and coffee and good music and the temperature during summer and winter days and laughed (a lot). 

Overall, the first weekend of February was really good. I finished watching Sherlock (which was torture and happiness all at the same time), and even though I had the flu on Sunday (yuck yuck yuck) it was a satisfying start.

I think it all comes down to a little bit of bravery. It's the essential element to living a good and exciting life. Bravery in the big, and bravery in the small. Do that one thing you've been wanting to do. Try something new. Wear a color you've never worn before. Start listening to some new music. Learn that thing you wish you could do, dream big + dream boldly. Walk barefoot, write about the most important things. Write about your hopes and dreams and everything you can remember about your life. What I'm trying to say is that, if we live without fear, we will have a greater chance at discovery and a life of joy and exciting things. 

Living in this tiny Northern Ontario town in winter makes me sleepy sometimes. Which is one of the reasons that I need a good dose of courage once in a while. Winter days often find me sunk into comfortable routines and pajama days. But there are ways to bring adventure and excitement into a little life. (Bravery? I think so.)

abbie - :) :) :) :)


  1. i need more bravery, in which some friends are trying to pull out of me. ;) those girls are the best! xo

  2. I agree - change is definitely nice, once in a while.

    p.s. You need to text me a photo of your new haircut!!
    p.p.p.s. And some snow maybe? There's only a slight dusting on the ground right now. And I want to do a snowy selfie/sibling shoot outside.
    p.p.p.p.s. Ahhhh!! Photo #1. <3
    p.p.p.p.p.s. One more miracle. Just for me. Would you do that just for me?

  3. so, i had a blast the other night, laughing and talking with y'all. but believe it or not, i'm always super nervous about getting on video chats with people. it's something i've had to overcome, and learn to be brave about.

    thanks for sharing your words, sweet girl. :) xx

  4. Ach, no, you got the flu! That's no fun at all. :(
    But a haircut! I need to see this!

  5. Oh my word, yes. I finally made it into one of your posts. I mean, I'm unnamed, but 'a good friend' is definitely satisfactory. (I understand you perhaps did not want to use my ridiculous Blogger name and were unsure of whether I would mind if you used my real name,•D)

  6. These pictures are so cold and crisp and beautiful Abbie! Gah, you're awesome. Also, hey! We need to skype soon, yes? Yes.

  7. Love the snow picture! Aghh! Send that snow to Virginia!!



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