February 28, 2013


I am SO ready for you.
I'm ready for your spring. I'm ready for your summer, your fall, your winter. I'm ready for your ADVENTURES. Oh, yes. Barefoot walks on the shore, long car rides, ARMS FULL OF SUNLIGHT. Ready for new experiences like youth camp and counseling and trips to awesome places. Ready for your discoveries. I'm ready for your deliciousness, your new sets of laughs, your lessons, your beauty.
I am ready for your heartbreaks. I am ready for nights curled up on my bed crying, praying for better days. I am ready for sleeplessness and for loss. I am ready for blessings. I'm ready to meet new people and spend time with my favorite people. I am ready for new music. I'm ready for EVERYTHING THERE IS!
I have been so blessed this month. Can it just be said that I have the best family and friends EVER? It has been an amazing birthday. Probably one of the best I've had in my life. My mom planned a surprise day for me that included six hobbit meals and surprise visits from friends and breakfast in bed and all the good and blessings it could possibly hold. It has been my favorite.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU GUYS for being my friends and supporters and amazing readers! I love you. Be looking for some good stuff on the blog in the next couple of months.
Here comes a cliche blogger question  - what do you like best about my blog? what keeps you coming back? what would you like to see more of? Some answers to this questions would be SO helpful.
Hugs, and a very happy March to you. Let's make it count.
abbie - xox  


  1. I LOVE YOU OKAY. <3
    What keeps me coming back? That smile. Right up there. Yup. :D

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Fifteen is an awesome age, you will love it!

    What keeps me coming back is how honest you are, your writing style, and your pictures!!!


  3. YOU ARE TOO CUTE ABBIE MY GOSH. seriously. :) every time i look at that picture, your smile just lights up the room. i hope you have a wonderfully blessed 15th year! ;) fifteen is a good year: at least it was for me. :) you are such a joy to know! <3

    i love your photographs, your "real-ness" (if that's a word. heh.), your writing, and they way you describe your life. :) and you, of course! that is the best thing about your blog--it is written by one-of-a-kind, unique, special YOU. :)


  4. Happy Birthday! And oh-my-goshpops! (like oh my lollipops and oh my gosh-- combined!) you're adorable!

  5. Happy birthday Abbie!! I love your blog, it is so real, and your writing is so amazing. :) I hope your fifteenth year is the best yet! <3


  6. Happy Birthday Abbie! Sounds like you had a great day with your six hobbit meals and all! :D

  7. oh abbie happy birthday! how long have we been blogger friends? i was twelve, i'm seventeen in two weeks! i love this post so much, i want to be as happy as this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i'm glad it was so wonderful. wait, you mean you share a birthday with justin bieber?

  8. you are so adorable, m'kay? this entire post is happy. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

    p.s. I love your blog because it's real. You post about life, the ups and the downs. and I like that, a lot. plus, I just like you and your photography. :)

  9. You're so adorable, gosh. Love you so much doll!


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