February 20, 2013

hey, hey, hey.

this is an honesty post. hopefully not one you're going to dread reading.

honestly, why i haven't been posting much lately.

fact: things have been quiet here. i've been quiet. i've been tired. i've been a little lost in the everyday.

and i've definitely been struggling. i'm going through something really hard right now, and it's involved a lot of praying + letting go of things.

i also have wonderful friends.

i have been reading books again. i'd almost forgotten how wonderful they were. among recent favorites are the percy jackson series and the book thief.

i've been listening to music. i've been pondering ideas. i've been cooking/baking (something i'm really coming to enjoy.)

i've been sleepy, saying goodnight at 12am and waking up at 8:15. trying to get back into schedules. feeling stressed about schoolwork.

so i guess it's been average, but average days are important too.

i have words to say. i just need time to write them.

so thank you for being patient. thank you for your feedback on my posts. thank you for being my awesome friends.
and when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer.



  1. THIS. thank you for being honest, abby! I know exactly how you feel. I've been so busy with just ordinary everyday life, yet I'm learning some really amazing things. Life is just flying by so fast... and I'll be praying for you and whatever you are going through, look up Isaiah 43:2. It's the verse I go to whenever I need assurance and a reminder of who is walking right beside me.

  2. gosh, i love you, girlie. this was so good.

  3. Thank you! :) This was great. I like the Percy Jackson series too.

  4. I don't know what's happening in your life right now, but you are in my prayers. I hope next week will go better for you.


  5. just read an awsome book you might like if since you enjoy the Percy Jackson Series. It is called "Painted Blind" by Michelle A Hansen. It's about Eros and Psyche. Totally clean not like some YA novels nowdays. I read it to make sure it was ok for my 16 year old to read. Check it out.
    Sorry you've been in a funk lately. Been there done that then I go back and do it again. It's hard but keep praying cuz our Father in Heaven loves you and always helps cuz he loves you so much! You are his child and never forget that!

  6. Oh man, I've totally been there. Don't let yourself get into that state where you can't get out! Go out and do fun things that you enjoy! And also, please send me some of that snow! :)



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