March 13, 2013

what are you passionate about?

i. tell me about your passions.

I am passionate about music. I am passionate about expressing. I am passionate about memories. I am passionate about summer days. I am passionate about people. I am passionate about living life well. I am passionate about art and creativity.

ii. tell me what makes you tick.

Good food. Hot tea. Good stories. Good mixtapes on 8tracks. Road trips and adventures. Laughing lots and laughing loud. Dancing just because. Late night talks.

iii. tell me all the things you've discovered about yourself in all these years of searching.

I'm not done searching yet, and I don't think I ever will be. I once thought I was destined to be a photographer for a living, but I think I'm realizing that even though I love photography, I don't think that path is for me. I've discovered that I'm a dreamer and that going places get me excited. I've discovered that I'm not good at going to bed early and I have a slight fear of dentists. I've discovered that my biggest dream is to record my own music and travel around the world playing it for people. I've discovered that connecting with good people is a must for me. I'm a lover of tales and songs, believer in optimism, and a musical soul.

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 "I have a story that is only mine to tell
I don't wanna make-believe, I just need to be myself
I have a missions that is only mine to fill
Hear me try to blind my eyes, but it can never break my will
There are far, far, better things ahead than what I leave behind
Will you help me find my way?

I'm on a journey, I'm losing who I used to be
I am learning how to die
And it's changing every part of me
There are far, far better things ahead that what I leave behind."
-Better Things, JJ Heller

A blog is like a extension of your heart, right? A journal, if you will. And people take care of that kind of thing. So this little online space is going to become a lot more 'me'. I want to post more, and more about the things I'm really passionate about. (you can expect a lot more music.)

I am really, really excited. This is just the beginning. :)


ps - i never realized how much i wanted to say "if you will" in a post until now.
pps - updated my 'about' a little bit, so take a look around. :)
ppps - post layout inspired by this.


  1. Ah this is so good, Abbie! I can't wait to see what lies ahead for you and your blog. (:

  2. ohmyword. LOVE. first of all, your blog design is so adorable! It is one of the cutest designs I have ever seen. And the photos are gorgeous!
    in reckless abandon

  3. I love love love your new design! I'm so glad you're going to be back and blogging again, and I really enjoyed reading this post. Oh, and have I mentioned that I love your new design? ;)

    Hannah <3

  4. GAH. ABBIE. love this! great idea, and your answers rocked. can't wait to see more of you on this space, friend. (also, that header is the best in the ever.)


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