April 15, 2013

a spring music party!

Happy spring.

Okay, let's face it, those pictures are from last year. Canada doesn't get much of a spring. We're in the middle of a snowstorm right now. Our spring starts in late April, and it's short and very, very wet. But it's spring, nonetheless. Spring has never been my favorite season, yet it's got a beauty all its own. Spring is about newness and coming back to life again. Spring is fresh and spring is beautiful, and it's important.

Which calls for a music party.

This mixtape is good for and early morning watching the sunrise, or to listen to while you're getting things done, or for when you're doing nothing at all. To me, these songs speak of spring.

And, the weather looks very promising this week.



  2. no. those are pictures from last year. but you should listen to my mix yo. ;) ;)

  3. happy spring! (: i wish for flowers blossoming in the trees. *sigh* but, nope, still raining and snowing and drizzling and basically just being cold here in england.


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