May 13, 2013

stopping in on my little bloggy.

Every time I plan a post it just turns into random writings.

I have a lot of posts lined up, believe me. But, number 1, pictures take a looong time to go through and edit and I've been kinda busy/lazy. Number 2, yesterday my little brother fell backwards and sat on my laptop screen, and it broke. We've figured out a makeshift way for me to use my computer, thank goodness, but the screen is busted. Number 3... well, number three. I don't know. Life happens.

It snowed yesterday, which was not a very funny joke. Srsly, there are almost 3 freaking inches of snow on the ground. Not cool. (And yeah, I can say freaking. It's my blog.)
I have been reading lots (more on that later), trying to spend more time with my family, trying not to get stressed about school - 3 tests and 4 exams on the same week, oh my gosh. I've also been piecing together summer plans & lists & playlists. I'm feeling very excited. Summer can't come soon enough, even though it's a SNOW DAY today.

Yesterday I made waffles with whipped cream and berries for a Mother's Day lunch and I listened to Christmas music for a few hours, which was surprisingly encouraging. We also went to my grandma's house and had awesome cake for my uncle's birthday. CAKE. yum.

I'd better wrap this up and go do some school. I don't know what the point of this post was, but whatever. Just checking in + saying, "Hey! I've got a lot of words inside my head that I need to say! So stay tuned!"

hugs & a very happy monday. :)



  2. i really just love your posts. and the whole waffles and whipped cream thing made me want to eat lots of it, even though i've never had it and just ate tea.


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