May 20, 2013

wrecking crew

The demolition of a building brings a town together.

The older people come because they have memories of that building, long before it was condemned. A few tears form in their eyes as they watch. The middle aged come to look forward to the future, and to hear the stories told by the previous generation. They count this as a day for celebration. The children come because - yay! There's a building being torn down by a huge machine! Cool.

But maybe some, like me, come because they can relate to this building. They feel broken down, beyond repair. They feel like a demolition crew has been been tearing at their soul. They're weary and cracked.

But if they're like me, they took comfort.

"Every seed dies before it grows..." (Enough to Let me Go, Switchfoot.)


  1. beautiful. <3 what building was that?

  2. It's hard to let go the past and memories, but your last words says it well.


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