May 17, 2013

you are awesome and you should feel awesome.

A few day ago, I was feeling awesome.
I was laughing hard with my older brother and being silly and making jokes, and I just felt so great in that moment. It was like a flower bud bursting open, and it was a feeling that said, "HEY. This? This is TRULY me. I feel fantastic. I'm comfortable in this skin. I love me. I feel awesome." Which was a really refreshing feeling, since I'd really been putting myself down the week before.
I was skyping with my dear friend Abby last night, and she told me: "You are awesome, and you should feel awesome." Whenever I'm truly representing myself - when I'm reading great books or playing piano, or dancing in the kitchen/backyard, when I'm running around without shoes or laughing a lot, I get this wonderful, blossoming feeling inside. It feels like I'm falling in love with the person that I am, getting to know my quirks and starting to accept what they are. And I start to sing a little louder and stand a little taller. I know that my soul is a bright, loud, glittering thing that craves movement and life, even when I get quiet on the outside. And by spending time getting to know myself, I start to see that more and more.
I think it's important to feel awesome. And I'm not trying to sound prideful or narcissistic, but I think I'm fantastic. Obviously I'm not perfect, but the person that God made me to be is pretty wonderful. It's important to love who you are and be who you are. And honestly, you're pretty fabulous, too. God handpicked those qualities and idiosyncrasies and loves of yours and put them in your heart. He's our amazing Maker, who breathes movement and life into us. And just that simple fact makes me want to go crazy about life, and drink everything up through a yellow striped paper straw, and sleep with windows open and sing loud and write down everything that happens to me.
"Now don't you understand that I'm never changing who I am?" (It's Time, Imagine Dragons)


  1. you ARE awesome, abbie! love this post; it makes me so happy. (:

  2. OHMYGOSH YOU QUOTED ME. I feel so famous. :D
    I love this so much, Abbie. It's so happy and happy is splendid.

  3. you really looked happy in your photos! jumpin' all around.. I hope I could feel something awesome like you do so I can jump in joy like that! :)

  4. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE POSTS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE BLOGGING CAREER. Seriously, good stuff -- I've been feeling the exact same way lately. :)

  5. I'm being brave here, leaving such a comment on such a strangers blog, but this post made me one step closer to loving myself and I greatly appreciate you for that.


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