I'm Abbie Grace, and I've been fiercely creating, dreaming, and laughing since I was three years old. Some things that make my heart beat faster are walking barefoot around town, playing our 100-year old piano, and a good Canadian sunset. Most evenings you can find me washing dishes while blasting my tunes and drinking Earl Grey tea. My biggest dream is to record my own music and travel around the country playing it. Summer camp is my favorite place on earth. Lover of Jesus, people, and food.

some extra things you should know:

Jon Foreman's voice is one of my favorite voices on the planet.

When I was younger I lived in Montreal, QC, but for the past 7 years I've called Northern Ontario my home.

I'm a small town girl but you can never take the city lover out of me.

I'm in love with Lord of the Rings. Like, seriously. I will never, ever get tired of it, no matter how many times I've seen it/read it.

I love TOMS. I have 3 pairs so that should say something...

I want to be an amazing cook someday. Like the first person you think of when someone says "amazing cook", the person who's cooking you would be content to eat for the rest of your life.