June 1, 2013

i have no idea what to call this???/?/?/

The month of May was:

Imagine Dragons.
The awakening of the world.
Heroes of Olympus.
Spending more time with my older brother.
Making summer plans.
Walking barefoot again.
Seeing beauty again in places that I never expected.
Late nights.
Chats with the best of friends.
Watching the moon rise.
Rain storms.
New adventures.

I've always said that the month of May is the one that I can never remember at the end of the year. But if I do remember, it was good. I'm starting to feel a little more aware, and a little more restless. Midnight greets me most nights, and no matter how tired I am, I just want to stay awake and soak up the rest of the day. Much to the dismay of my parents.

Summer is so close that I can touch it. I've only got two weeks left of school, and the I'm free to have the best summer ever. Let's see if I can survive that long.

abbie grace / xoxox

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  1. Imagine Dragons and Heroes of Olympus are starting to become one and the same with us. :D


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